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 |MSP_STATUS|4|Device and lap timing status| |MSP_STATUS|4|Device and lap timing status|
 |MSP_RESET|5|Resets device and lap timing state| |MSP_RESET|5|Resets device and lap timing state|
-|MSP_RSSI_CALIBRATE|6| | +|MSP_RSSI_CALIBRATE|6|Triggers RSSI calibration routine
-|MSP_START|7| | +|MSP_START|7|Starts lap timing
-|MSP_ACTIVATE|8| | +|MSP_ACTIVATE|8|Activates a lap timer device
-|MSP_DEACTIVATE|9| | +|MSP_DEACTIVATE|9|Deactivates a lap timer device
-|MSP_DEVICE_ID|10| | +|MSP_DEVICE_ID|10|Not used
-|MSP_SET_DEVICE_ID|11| | +|MSP_SET_DEVICE_ID|11|Triggers lap timing devices to assign an ID
-|MSP_CHANNEL|20| | +|MSP_CHANNEL|20|Gets the channel frequency set on the lap timing device
-|MSP_SET_CHANNEL|21| |+|MSP_SET_CHANNEL|21|Sets the channel frequency on the lap timing device|
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