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PIDflight Lap

How to setup WiFi module for lap timing device

The common serial over WiFi modules available are ESP-01 with serial adapter board and the more recently available module the DT-06.


By default the DT-06 module is set to 9600 baud rate and TCP port 9000. The DT-06 module must be configured to 115200 baud rate.

  1. Power up the lap timing device with the DT-06 module connected.
  2. Connect to the WiFi network, by default it will be called “Doit_WiFi_XXXXXX”.
  3. Open your web browser to
  4. Navigate to ModuleSerial, set the BaudRate to 115200.
  5. Navigate to ModuleWiFi, you can optionally change the SSID Name and Password.
  6. Navigate to ModuleNetworks, set Socket Type to TCP Server and TCP Server Local Port to 23.
  7. Navigate to MoreRestart, for settings to take affect the DT-06 module must be restarted.
  8. All done!



ESP01 serial adapter

To be completed.

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